Power Yoga

What Is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a term that is quire general and refers to a variant of vinyasa yoga characterized by its vigor and emphasis on fitness. It is indeed true that power yoga workouts resemble gym yoga than anything else, but it is interestingly initially devised following the ashtanga school.

The power yoga sequence includes much of the athleticism found in the ashtanga school and fuses it with the sequential nature of vinyasa. Corepower yoga on demand gives the trainer greater flexibility to choose the power yoga sequence which makes each class different from others with a different set of power yoga workouts.

Benefits Of Power Yoga Workouts

Doing a session of a power yoga sequence offers the following health benefits:

  • Enhanced stamina
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better posture
  • Ability to focus more
  • Getting relief from tension
  • Releasing toxins in the form of sweat
  • Burn more calories than other yoga types

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